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Glenn Tweedie

Glenn, along with his wife Lydia, have been active in ministry since 1986 in Hobart, and since 1995 in Doncaster. After serving as interim pastor in 2017, he was appointed to the permanent role in 2018. Glenn holds qualifications in theology and ministry, and is still trying to finish his doctorate in biblical studies. Lydia has qualifications in education and ministry. For stress relief, they amuse themselves playing music or Scrabble together.

Young Adults
















Jamie Conlon

Jamie coordinates the Young Adults community at Edge, which mainly meets on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Jamie is currently enrolled at Whitley College doing an Advanced Diploma of Theology. With a background and deep care for social justice, Jamie was the 2015 World Vision Australia Youth Ambassador. He is passionate about people, nature and HSP’s. He has a deep love for the blending colour of yellow and brown. This is convenient as he also likes the Hawthorn Football Club.



Tom McPherson





Children’s Ministry Coordinator      

Lee Sun ThangLee Sun has had over 30 years of experience in Children’s ministry and education both abroad and locally. Formally qualified as a teacher with a Master’s in general education and in Special Needs Education, Lee Sun has had experience teaching High School students in both mainstream and special needs schools. Lee Sun’s involvement in children’s ministry begun as a Sunday School Teacher in Malaysia continuing as head of children’s ministry at International Cavalry Church in Hong Kong. Her migration to Melbourne with her family in 2005, saw her continuing her involvement in children’s ministry at Doncaster Christian Fellowship church as a Sunday school teacher and coordinator.

Lee Sun is married with two sons and enjoys reading and cooking as her favourite pastimes.



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